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Bad Vibes video

Bad Vibes from Michael Marczewski on Vimeo.

Nous sommes les premiers à se fâcher contre un appareil qui ne fonctionne pas comme nous le voulons ou comme il se doit. Cela peut parfois devenir physique. Cette réaction non justifiée de notre part de traiter les appareils comme des êtres vivants, comme s’ils allaient s’excuser ou corriger leur erreur…, est souligné dans le court-métrage Bad Vibes. Cependant ce sont les électros ménagers qui se révoltent et s’en prennent à l’utilisateur. Les couleurs riches, la musique entrainante et la tension qui monte en font un amusant suspense qui vous surprendra.

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From Sick to Fierce, SickKids Nails It image

What an uplifting campaign for SickKids in Toronto! Instead of playing on the deflated feeling of being sick, Chief Creative Office Carlos Moreno from Cossette envisioned an empowering video showing the strength and bravery of the patients in their personal battles. Stepping away from their past sentimental campaigns is a fierce and bold move. Even though the message is strength over sadness, this “VS” campaign still brings a tear to our eyes. Watch this empowering video above!

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Coldplay – Up&Up video

Coldplay 'Up&Up' from Vania Heymann on Vimeo.

Things don’t always need to make sense to be beautiful. Coldplay’s Up&Up eerie music video proves just that. Directed by Isreali artist and film director Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, it was cleverly edited with the help of Ukranian special FX studio Gloria FX. The music video features over layered visuals (a technique known as compositing), and it allows the viewers to enter a surreal world of sea turtles in metros, highways in space, and giant musicians in beautiful landscapes – so incredibly weird and wonderful. (Fun fact: The video won  an MTV visual effects award at the VMA’s!)

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Graphic Means – The Documentary video

A P.S.A to all the print lovers out there – if you haven’t heard of the new documentary Graphic Means, prepare to get excited. Graphic Means is a documentary that explores the technological advancements in graphic design, specifically typesetting, over the past 30 years. The desktop computer revolutionized and shaped the way our industry interacts with type and print. To learn a little more about the documentary, visit the official Graphic Means website. You can also pre-order the film here.

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Just Say No: The Decline of Spec Work video

Since our inception, Design Is Yummy has had a strict no spec work policy. For more on this, check out our spec work policy in the FAQ section of this site. While it’s not something most reputable studios do, spec work unfortunately continues to be rampant in the design industry. Recently Toronto ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo decided to speak out with a bold video to show that if you actually think about it, the process of spec work is completely irrational. We’re hoping videos like this help educate the public on spec work and help to see it’s decline.

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