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Introducing Tealeaf: A Display Typeface by Design Is Yummy image

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest typography project, Tealeaf – a display typeface designed and executed by yours truly. Tealeaf was inspired by the beauty of organic flowing lines found in nature. The typeface comes in two styles: Outline, and Fill. These styles can be used together or alone to create elegant prints, quotes, headers and more! This set contains only the uppercase vector, outlined alphabet contained in a ready-to-use .EPS file. Also included in the download zip are the license agreement and examples of this font in use to kick-start your inspiration. We hope you have as much fun using this typeface as we had making it! Simply like us on Facebook or tweet about Tealeaf on Twitter, and your download will ...

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The Typeface in-Spector image

Ever wish you had an app similar to Shazam but for fonts? Fellow colleagues and friends, our designer dreams have come true! For her graduating project, designer Fiona O’Leary from the Royal College of Art developed Spector, a small and practical tool that can possibly identify any font and color seen in the real world. The tool is described as easy to use. By pressing the button on top after you’ve placed the tool over a printed surface with your inquired typeface, a photograph is taken and an algorithm runs to identify the typeface, size, kerning/leading, along with the CMYK or RGB values.

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Segal Centre 2016-2017 Campaign Launch Party image

Design Is Yummy is proud to announce our recent collaboration with the Segal Centre for Performing Arts on their 2016-2017 campaign. Last Wednesday night we were out in full force at their packed season launch party announcing their upcoming productions. Can you tell that we were excited to see our custom type treatments and illustrations projected on the big screen to such a warm reception? Look out for the new graphics that will grace the centre’s brochures, program books, posters, building signs and advertising throughout the city in the coming months. We can’t wait to check out all the shows- with such a passionate, hard working and talented group, they’re no doubt going to be incredible! Congrats to our clients on such ...

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Delicios Typography Experimentation image

We love sweets. We love typography. Put them together, and our mouths are watering. Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez, both students from the IED Barcelona Design School, collaborated on this project to explore typographic design with minimal post production and liquids. Their end result – a honey dipped alphabet, made from layers of wood, and honey. The letters were first drafted in Rhinoceros, and developed in 123D Make. Each letter was then laser cut from wooden sheets. Each letter was suspended in the air, and photographed with a generous drizzle of honey.

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Tales of Triumph image

As a company founded by a female entrepreneur, we were thrilled to partner up with Artistri Sud– a non-profit organization based in Montreal with a strong focus on empowering women artisans in developing countries. With the collaboration of local communities, Artistri Sud helps women access global markets to sell their handcrafted goods and create a sustainable income to better themselves and the people surrounding them. In order to raise funds, Artistri Sud organized the upcoming event “Tales of Triumph” where inspiring women share their stories of empowerment and success. For the year of 2016, Design is Yummy was honoured to donate our time to create this powerful typographic invitation and web graphics with the hopes of raising attention and awareness to such wonderful ...

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Real CHA N GE image

It’s campaign season and the Liberal Party recently unveiled its new tour bus. While we dig the overall design and messaging, if you look closely, you’ll notice that something is not quite right.     This is how the text was meant to display: In the bus wrapping, the font for “CHANGE” has been replaced with MyriadPro. This is the default font Adobe uses when a file contains a non-installed font. The replacement font gives the impression of odd kerning (those gaps between the letters). The best way to avoid this mistake is to convert text to outlines (shapes rather than letters) in the final artwork, which only takes two clicks. It’s time for real change…real change of your designer. Bus-ted.

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