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For All You Candle-Lovers… image

Love is in the air this month and what says romance more than candles? Nendo, a Japanese design studio, recently released an interchanging candle that melts through 5 different hues called sunset. The hues are situated in the center of the candle, and gently reflect off the white edges of the candle, creating a soft, colourful glow. Simultaneously, each hue burns a different scent, including bergamot, lemongrass, and sweet marjoram. The chosen colours are meant to reference the changing hues of a sunset, while the scents respectively compliment its colour.

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Futurecraft Footwear: 3D-printed Ocean Plastic Shoes image

In response to the U.N. COP21 climate change summit, Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are collaborating to bring environmental awareness to footwear with the conception of their latest future-craft: a 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe. Constructed from discarded ocean plastic content for the upper shoe combined with a 3D printed midsole made from recycled polyester and gill net content, this shoe is a step in the direction towards sustainability within the manufacturing world. Love it!

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[image via The Dieline ] For the first time in The Dieline Package Design Awards history, a student project has been named Best of Show. BANDiful, created by Vivi Feng & Yu-Ping Chuang in New York, solves the challenge of using a single hand to apply a bandage. Incorporated with a hanger on the top of the package, BANDiful can be easily hung on a wall or bulletin board. Congrats Vivi and Yu-Ping!

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