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Wirewerks Holiday Cards image

We love working with our clients to create custom holiday cards and promotions. Here’s a feature of one we designed recently for Wireworks. This high performance fiber optic and copper solutions provider wanted a unique card to complement their brand identity. We took the challenge and created this clean snowflake illustration built from elements of their logo. The result is a simple design that stays true to the essence of their company. Holiday cards and direct mail pieces are a great way to keep your company fresh in your client’s minds without asking for anything in return. They give them those nice best wishes we all want to hear at the end of the year. Need a holiday or greeting card for your company? Get ...

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Water Transfer Printing video

We are mesmerized by this water printing technique! Hydrographic Printing is a decorating process for 3D objects that uses a water-soluble film containing a printed design. The pattern is printed onto a thin film that is laid out on a tank of water. With the use of an activator, the film dissolves in the water leaving the ink floating perfectly flat on the surface of the water. This floating ink will then stick to the 3D object, transferring the design to it. This printing technique can decorate pretty much anything! Want to try this on a small scale? Do it on your nails using the water marble technique. Click here to learn how!

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Nikamoon Annual Report 2015-2016 image

Once again, Niskamoon Corporation chose our team to design of their 2015-2016 Annual Report. The 8.5” x 10.5” report showcases another year of success for the corporation, honouring their dedication to preserve Cree traditions and featuring a local photographer’s work with breathtaking captures of Cree landscape and culture. For the printing, a raised spot UV finish of the company’s logomark feather is featured on the cover page. We also bound the pages using hidden spiral binding. This makes the book stong and still keeps a spine with a perfect bound look. Shorter pages separate every chapter of the report in bold colours with topographic lines representing their connection to their land. The fully hidden spiral binding combines the advantages and sturdiness of ...

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Graphic Means – The Documentary video

A P.S.A to all the print lovers out there – if you haven’t heard of the new documentary Graphic Means, prepare to get excited. Graphic Means is a documentary that explores the technological advancements in graphic design, specifically typesetting, over the past 30 years. The desktop computer revolutionized and shaped the way our industry interacts with type and print. To learn a little more about the documentary, visit the official Graphic Means website. You can also pre-order the film here.

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uVu Veritiv Canada image

Paper galore! The days leading up to the uVu Paper Conference were counted down with pure excitement in our office. Gorgeous paper stocks, innovative design and delicious food – what better way to spend an evening? Despite the freezing rain, the Design Is Yummy team trekked out en masse last night to the Sofitel Hotel to check out the uVu Be Seen event organized by Veritiv. Domtar, Neenah and Finch were just some of the paper mills showcasing their latest stocks at the event. From recyclable papers, to washable papers (what!?), we got to see and touch the paper of the past, present and future. We left armed with tons of paper goodies and inspiration. Thanks Veritiv!

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Futurecraft Footwear: 3D-printed Ocean Plastic Shoes image

In response to the U.N. COP21 climate change summit, Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are collaborating to bring environmental awareness to footwear with the conception of their latest future-craft: a 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe. Constructed from discarded ocean plastic content for the upper shoe combined with a 3D printed midsole made from recycled polyester and gill net content, this shoe is a step in the direction towards sustainability within the manufacturing world. Love it!

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