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Is there a sweeter gift for a designer and a chocolate lover? The Barcelona based design agency BLOCD created this beautiful Pantone-inspired swatch deck containing chocolate with a lovely spectrum of shades. The inspiration – the designers themselves! “”If anything defines us, it’s our expertise with a solid background in graphic design. That’s the reason why we chose a Pantone, an indispensable tool for any designer, combining it with an appreciated product by our clients and friends, in this case chocolate. Our particular Pantone had different chocolate colour ranges, which symbolize the care and attention that we pay to all our projects and the desire to share with our people the joy of tasting this delightful chocolate.” There are a ...

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Printable die cut paper forms! Need we say more? Mr. Printables is an online resource that offers thousands of different ways to play with paper. The dream is real! The website is dedicated to upping interaction with paper to encourage creativity, 3D forms, and play among all ages. Play Fruit Templates Paper Ice Creams  (left) Crystal Advent Calendars, (right) 3D Alphabet Templates

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The Mast Brothers fine chocolatiers produce some of New York and London’s most flavour-filled chocolates. Their packaging designs printed on Mohawk economical paper stock lend to that hand-crafted feel. This is a prime example of product and packaging design coming together deliciously harmoniously to promote a brand.

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[image via The Dieline ] For the first time in The Dieline Package Design Awards history, a student project has been named Best of Show. BANDiful, created by Vivi Feng & Yu-Ping Chuang in New York, solves the challenge of using a single hand to apply a bandage. Incorporated with a hanger on the top of the package, BANDiful can be easily hung on a wall or bulletin board. Congrats Vivi and Yu-Ping!

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