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Fernando Chamarelli has us all in awe of his work. Born and raised in Brazil, Chamarelli’s paintings articulate a rich visual of his Brazilian heritage. He became a graphic designer and illustrator with early interests in caricatures and realistic portraits. Later, his passion developed into street art and tattoo design; a combination that took turn into his signature style. His work has been in high demand by well-known brands like Absolute Vodka, Microsoft, and Nike. Check out some of his mesmerizing artwork below:

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The Mast Brothers fine chocolatiers produce some of New York and London’s most flavour-filled chocolates. Their packaging designs printed on Mohawk economical paper stock lend to that hand-crafted feel. This is a prime example of product and packaging design coming together deliciously harmoniously to promote a brand.

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Say whaaat? Check out some of New York’s coolest hidden storefronts. To get to a secret men’s street-wear store located at 54 Clinton Street, enter a vintage arcade to pass through a functional photo booth ($3 per photo). 146 Essex Street houses a pawn shop out front with a swanky eatery in the back. This one is just pure genius. What’s the secret behind this super hero supply store at 372 Fifth Avenue? Behind one of the bookshelves is a hidden doorway that leads to Dave Eggers’s 826 NYC student literacy program providing one-on-one mentoring to students ages 6-18. Speaking of superheroes . . . want to feel like one? Check out 113 St. Mark’s Place. To get into this reservations-only speakeasy bar, enter the ...

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