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Illustrating Smart Cities image

We love illustrating…almost as much as we love respecting our planet and keepin’ it green. Our clients, Realterm Energy, are leading providers of energy-efficient, turnkey LED street lighting solutions for cities. We’ve been their go-to design team for quite some time and were thrilled to create these custom icons and illustrations to be used in their Smart City initiatives. Our goal was to have the icons properly visualize the applications in the simplest way possible while staying true to their brand identity. The end results are lively, clean and corporate, which matches perfectly with the company’s tenacious spirit.

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[image via] LiveSurface is a library of professionally photographed and retouched high-resolution, layered images with embedded 3D surfaces. Created by Apple alum Joshua Distler, Livesurface’s library is packed with billboards, promotional items, packaging, apparel…etc. to create mockups. It also pairs perfectly with the new mac app and Illustrator plugin Context which allows you to place your artwork in the correct perspective on the built-in Vanishing Point planes. You can also simulate foils and effects with a comprehensive ink library in Context. Cool beans. Currently there are a limited number of Beta invites of Context available if you want to test it out. Check out Context in action:

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