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Illustrating Smart Cities image

We love illustrating…almost as much as we love respecting our planet and keepin’ it green. Our clients, Realterm Energy, are leading providers of energy-efficient, turnkey LED street lighting solutions for cities. We’ve been their go-to design team for quite some time and were thrilled to create these custom icons and illustrations to be used in their Smart City initiatives. Our goal was to have the icons properly visualize the applications in the simplest way possible while staying true to their brand identity. The end results are lively, clean and corporate, which matches perfectly with the company’s tenacious spirit.

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Drinking and Drawing: Color-it-Yourself Wine Labels image

Colouring books for adults have been super popular this past year. This idea has been to the next level thanks to Windsor Vineyards’ color-it-yourself wine labels. The winery created a line of black and white line-art labels to satisfy the arts-and-crafts drinking enthusiast in all of us. When ordering one of their 50 wine options, you are able to customize its label by choosing from a repertoire of mandala patterns. You also have the option to add messages; a feature that provides you with flexible text editing options to change the font, color, size, and even the spacing. Love it! Wine not get creative? Start drinking and drawing by clicking here

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Chris Piascik image

Chris Piascik is a graphic designer who had the idea of making a new drawing every single day for 2000 days. The amazing result “accidentally” turned him into an illustrator, and he couldn’t be happier. His illustrations are bold, fun and witty in well-executed patterns and smooth gif animations. Piascik is also big on hand-lettering. A lot of his pieces are inspired by TV shows, political commentaries, and other news related events. His style has attracted great clientele like Nickelodeon, Converse, and Absolute Vodka. Today, Piascik continues to make daily illustrations. Check out a collection of Piascik drawings below and get inspired to work out those art-muscles!  

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Fernando Chamarelli image

Fernando Chamarelli has us all in awe of his work. Born and raised in Brazil, Chamarelli’s paintings articulate a rich visual of his Brazilian heritage. He became a graphic designer and illustrator with early interests in caricatures and realistic portraits. Later, his passion developed into street art and tattoo design; a combination that took turn into his signature style. His work has been in high demand by well-known brands like Absolute Vodka, Microsoft, and Nike. Check out some of his mesmerizing artwork below:

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The Taxi Fabric Project image

The Taxi Fabric Project – creating fabrics that speak – is a platform and opportunity for young, india-based artists to gain exposure and showcase their work to the outside world through public taxi cabs. The project has brought together creatives from across the country to canvas the interiors (and by interiors, we mean every surface inside the taxi) with their graphic or illustrative compositions. In India, taxi cabs are the most common and practical forms of transportation. Their popular use have consequently made them an important aspect of India’s daily life and social culture. However, little attention is given to the cars’ aesthetics. The taxi fabric team explains: “Design — as a job or studied at school — is unfortunately not widely recognized ...

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