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This year’s IT thing to photograph and obsessively post on Instagram is Le Refuge, a pink “jungle” bed installation designed by artist Marc Ange at the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition space during Milan Design Week. Over 3,000 posts were uploaded on Instagram referring to it as “magical” and a “fairy tale”. The artist Marc Ange calls it “a place where one finds comfort and peace. It is the projection of a childhood memory. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape.” We can’t resist these giant pink metal leaves and the beautiful shadows it creates. We need one in our ...

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When refurbishing an antique piece of furniture, you discover so many layers of paint and history underneath- a past life. With his Mark-Maker table, Ed Swan has brought this concept to a gallery setting. The Mark-Maker table top is painted with layers of different colours. Visitors to his exhibition are encouraged to sand, drill and chip away the surface to reveal a spectrum of colour. As visitors leave their mark behind, they collectively manipulate the look of the piece. At the end of the exhibition, the piece is cleaned up and a clear lacquer applied to seal the finished product. Ghost of a Chair by London-based product and interior designer Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers is a lacquered version of faint, partially ...

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