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Design Fail – The Washington Post Express image

And so it begins folks…the first design fail of 2017 we’re blogging about. Fresh into the new year and we’re already shaking our heads at The Washington Post Express illustrated cover story on the Women’s March on Washington. The intention was to use the Greek symbol for Venus (a circle and cross) – commonly used to represent women. Instead, the symbol for Mars – or the symbol representing men – was featured. Many are calling this a “symbolic mistake” rather than an accident. Audiences took to Twitter to share their reactions; some suggested the cover indicates systemic bias, while others suggested The Washington Post Express hire more women in their editing department. The publication later apologized for the cover, releasing a new one with the revised ...

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Real CHA N GE image

It’s campaign season and the Liberal Party recently unveiled its new tour bus. While we dig the overall design and messaging, if you look closely, you’ll notice that something is not quite right.     This is how the text was meant to display: In the bus wrapping, the font for “CHANGE” has been replaced with MyriadPro. This is the default font Adobe uses when a file contains a non-installed font. The replacement font gives the impression of odd kerning (those gaps between the letters). The best way to avoid this mistake is to convert text to outlines (shapes rather than letters) in the final artwork, which only takes two clicks. It’s time for real change…real change of your designer. Bus-ted.

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