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Le Refuge image

This year’s IT thing to photograph and obsessively post on Instagram is Le Refuge, a pink “jungle” bed installation designed by artist Marc Ange at the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition space during Milan Design Week. Over 3,000 posts were uploaded on Instagram referring to it as “magical” and a “fairy tale”. The artist Marc Ange calls it “a place where one finds comfort and peace. It is the projection of a childhood memory. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape.” We can’t resist these giant pink metal leaves and the beautiful shadows it creates. We need one in our ...

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Fernando Chamarelli image

Fernando Chamarelli has us all in awe of his work. Born and raised in Brazil, Chamarelli’s paintings articulate a rich visual of his Brazilian heritage. He became a graphic designer and illustrator with early interests in caricatures and realistic portraits. Later, his passion developed into street art and tattoo design; a combination that took turn into his signature style. His work has been in high demand by well-known brands like Absolute Vodka, Microsoft, and Nike. Check out some of his mesmerizing artwork below:

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A Movie a Day image

Peter Majarich, a designer from Sydney, Australia is challenging himself to redesign some of the most popular, well-known movie posters. “A Movie Poster a Day” is his personal creative challenge to redesign, well you guessed it, one movie poster per day for an entire year. His end results show off his talent as a graphic designer, seamlessly blending the digital aesthetic with an acute attention to detail. As designers, we know it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the brain creative 365 days 24/7.  We love Majarich’s personal mission to keep his skills fresh.

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The Taxi Fabric Project image

The Taxi Fabric Project – creating fabrics that speak – is a platform and opportunity for young, india-based artists to gain exposure and showcase their work to the outside world through public taxi cabs. The project has brought together creatives from across the country to canvas the interiors (and by interiors, we mean every surface inside the taxi) with their graphic or illustrative compositions. In India, taxi cabs are the most common and practical forms of transportation. Their popular use have consequently made them an important aspect of India’s daily life and social culture. However, little attention is given to the cars’ aesthetics. The taxi fabric team explains: “Design — as a job or studied at school — is unfortunately not widely recognized ...

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We’ve done it again! (The Davey Awards) image

We are proud to announce that our agency was awarded this beautiful trophy from the Davey Awards for our work on Niskamoon Corporation’s Annual Report!  [Click here to see pictures of the winning report.] The Davey Awards, aptly named after David from the David/Goliath story, is an awards competition that honours small design agencies. We’re thrilled to be among the talented winners circle of such a prestigious award. Thank you to Niskamoon Corporation for allowing us to be inspired by your organization and the great work you do. And thank you to the Davey Awards for believing in small, but mighty agencies!

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