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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought we would start early on the whole “hearts” theme by sharing some business cards we designed recently for Santé Cardiovasculaire des Laurentides. Using warm, inviting shades of reds and purples, we kept the design clean and minimal. The logo (designed by yours truly as well!) adds to the inviting flare of the cards.

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The Challenge: Create a lasting impression and attract potential training clients Challenge accepted! To best reflect the energetic nature of the trainers at NBworkout, we designed this bold, dynamic business card. When it comes to creating an effective print design, it’s about more than how it looks on the screen.  Paper and finishes are equally important when it comes to crafting quality, thought-out designs. We felt the cards should be physically strong while remaining flexible so that they would not come across as stiff. To achieve this balance between tough and bending we used a wicked 32 pt matt laminated paper. The green colour edging undeniably adds to the vibrancy of the cards as well. The fluid blue to green gradient, bright watermarked logo and perfectly matching green sides help to create the ...

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[images via paperspecs] How many times upon meeting someone have you wanted to say what you actually thought of them but didn’t find the right words (or cohones)? Acclaimed designer Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh have solved this problem. True to their provocative nature, their latest project Halftone Satisfaction is half graphic design, half social experiment. It’s a collection of seven sets of business cards to be handed out to people you meet who either delight or annoy you. The fronts of the cards are solid black with a message to share, and the backs of the cards have halftone patterns in varying densities. The lighter the card, the nicer the message. The seven phrases used are: It’s a Delight to be ...

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