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Let the good times roll video

2016 Holiday Card: Behind the Scenes from Design Is Yummy on Vimeo.

Holidays to us are all about enjoying time with loved ones, eating and taking it easy. We are very excited to share our 2017 holiday card/calendar.  This year our focus was on letting our clients know how thankful we are to be part of their trusted team and how we see it as our role to make their lives easier. For this piece we did what your mother always told you not to do- play with food. Our game: lettering. We handcrafted the poster side phrase “Rolling With Us Is Easy As Pie” from different edible materials (pie dough, sugar, jam and cookies) adding almonds, cranberries and pine to decorate the message: We added a QR code on the front of the poster to ...

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Drinking and Drawing: Color-it-Yourself Wine Labels image

Colouring books for adults have been super popular this past year. This idea has been to the next level thanks to Windsor Vineyards’ color-it-yourself wine labels. The winery created a line of black and white line-art labels to satisfy the arts-and-crafts drinking enthusiast in all of us. When ordering one of their 50 wine options, you are able to customize its label by choosing from a repertoire of mandala patterns. You also have the option to add messages; a feature that provides you with flexible text editing options to change the font, color, size, and even the spacing. Love it! Wine not get creative? Start drinking and drawing by clicking here

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Chris Piascik image

Chris Piascik is a graphic designer who had the idea of making a new drawing every single day for 2000 days. The amazing result “accidentally” turned him into an illustrator, and he couldn’t be happier. His illustrations are bold, fun and witty in well-executed patterns and smooth gif animations. Piascik is also big on hand-lettering. A lot of his pieces are inspired by TV shows, political commentaries, and other news related events. His style has attracted great clientele like Nickelodeon, Converse, and Absolute Vodka. Today, Piascik continues to make daily illustrations. Check out a collection of Piascik drawings below and get inspired to work out those art-muscles!  

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Fernando Chamarelli image

Fernando Chamarelli has us all in awe of his work. Born and raised in Brazil, Chamarelli’s paintings articulate a rich visual of his Brazilian heritage. He became a graphic designer and illustrator with early interests in caricatures and realistic portraits. Later, his passion developed into street art and tattoo design; a combination that took turn into his signature style. His work has been in high demand by well-known brands like Absolute Vodka, Microsoft, and Nike. Check out some of his mesmerizing artwork below:

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Today: A New Spectrum of Time image

Today is a 24hr clock designed by , an award winning artist and horologist. This clock uses a 24-hour movement mechanism, allowing it to move at half the speed of a regular clock and making one full rotation every day. The result gives you peace of mind. This feeling was inspired by the wonder of watching clouds passing by at 30,000 ft. and the need to bring it back to the ground where we spend our lives. Today is calm, balanced, and it makes you feel like you have more time; no stress. Time is precious and it should bring more gratefulness than anxiety so lets live it instead of kill it. Learn more about this project here Now if we could only find ...

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Interactive Troll Mirror by Daniel Rozin video

Artist Daniel Rozin has created numerous mechanical mirrors using trash, wood, pompoms, and more! This one, made with paired pink and blue troll dolls, definitely caught our attention. Every pair of dolls rotates and re-aligns to capture the silhouette of the person standing in front of it. Mechanical mirrors use video cameras, small motors, and computers on board to reproduce a “pixel” version of what’s reflected as the viewer interacts with them. This means that they need an audience to come to life: “The important part of this equation is the person, not the artifact.” Check out all of Daniel Rozin interactive art here

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