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Wirewerks Holiday Cards image

We love working with our clients to create custom holiday cards and promotions. Here’s a feature of one we designed recently for Wireworks. This high performance fiber optic and copper solutions provider wanted a unique card to complement their brand identity. We took the challenge and created this clean snowflake illustration built from elements of their logo. The result is a simple design that stays true to the essence of their company. Holiday cards and direct mail pieces are a great way to keep your company fresh in your client’s minds without asking for anything in return. They give them those nice best wishes we all want to hear at the end of the year. Need a holiday or greeting card for your company? Get ...

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Chris Piascik image

Chris Piascik is a graphic designer who had the idea of making a new drawing every single day for 2000 days. The amazing result “accidentally” turned him into an illustrator, and he couldn’t be happier. His illustrations are bold, fun and witty in well-executed patterns and smooth gif animations. Piascik is also big on hand-lettering. A lot of his pieces are inspired by TV shows, political commentaries, and other news related events. His style has attracted great clientele like Nickelodeon, Converse, and Absolute Vodka. Today, Piascik continues to make daily illustrations. Check out a collection of Piascik drawings below and get inspired to work out those art-muscles!  

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Custom Just Tastes Better image

Mugs hold our daily fuel…coffee/tea/water….pencils… What better way to brighten your day than using your own personalized mug? Custom printed mugs are a cost effective way to promote your business, organization or event! Imagine dozens of people walking around a fundraiser advertising your business. Check out the hot custom mugs we created for our studio with our designers’ nicknames fully loaded with our studio’s brand colours and our “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” attitude. We’ve also got some special mugs for our client meetings that aren’t pictured here- you’ll have to come in to sip from those!

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Winters in Canada can get pretty chilly. We’ve all waited for a bus at some point or another, shivering with big hoods and tuning the world out. This winter, Duracell set up a secret bus shelter in Montreal, Quebec. While bus patrons are in queue waiting in the Canadian cold, they can join hands and complete a human circuit that turns on an overhead heater. What a great idea! #powerwarmth

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