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In case you missed it, Kraft created this great Mother’s Day ad featuring Melissa Mohr, the author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing. Sometimes moms have a potty mouth, and that is perfectly fine with us. A Kraft study revealed that 74% of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids while the other 26% are full of sh*t. Being a parent ain’t easy, and like Kraft, we embrace all those perfectly imperfect moms and mom moments.

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Segal Centre 2016-2017 Campaign Launch Party image

Design Is Yummy is proud to announce our recent collaboration with the Segal Centre for Performing Arts on their 2016-2017 campaign. Last Wednesday night we were out in full force at their packed season launch party announcing their upcoming productions. Can you tell that we were excited to see our custom type treatments and illustrations projected on the big screen to such a warm reception? Look out for the new graphics that will grace the centre’s brochures, program books, posters, building signs and advertising throughout the city in the coming months. We can’t wait to check out all the shows- with such a passionate, hard working and talented group, they’re no doubt going to be incredible! Congrats to our clients on such ...

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Winters in Canada can get pretty chilly. We’ve all waited for a bus at some point or another, shivering with big hoods and tuning the world out. This winter, Duracell set up a secret bus shelter in Montreal, Quebec. While bus patrons are in queue waiting in the Canadian cold, they can join hands and complete a human circuit that turns on an overhead heater. What a great idea! #powerwarmth

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Using thermal-activated ink, DHL figured out a clever way to trick their competitors into advertising for them. DHL hired competing companies like UPS and TNT to deliver large black boxes to public addresses that were particularly difficult to find. The boxes were covered with a temperature-activated ink that appeared black when the boxes were chilled at the time of pickup. As the packages warmed up in the delivery trucks, the black ink faded revealing in large letters boasting that “DHL is faster.”

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