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Adidas, le soulier 3D du concept à la réalité image

En 2015, Adidas avait l’intention d’offrir une vraie possibilité d’avoir un soulier fait sur mesure avec leur prototype Futurecraft trainers. Le concept est maintenant devenue réalité avec l’Adidas 3D Runner. Ce modèle est une version améliorée de son prédécesseur, il a un meilleur fini, est plus durable et plus confortable. La structure “web” du soulier est maintenant plus épaisse. La partie supérieure est maintenant plus respirante. Le soulier est en tout point de vue supérieur à son prédécesseur. [via :] Malheureusement, probablement trop tard pour s’en procurer une…

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Water Transfer Printing video

We are mesmerized by this water printing technique! Hydrographic Printing is a decorating process for 3D objects that uses a water-soluble film containing a printed design. The pattern is printed onto a thin film that is laid out on a tank of water. With the use of an activator, the film dissolves in the water leaving the ink floating perfectly flat on the surface of the water. This floating ink will then stick to the 3D object, transferring the design to it. This printing technique can decorate pretty much anything! Want to try this on a small scale? Do it on your nails using the water marble technique. Click here to learn how!

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Mind-bending 3D Optical Illusions image

We are very familiar with optical illusion drawings, but 3D ones? We’re mesmerized by Japanese mathematician Kokichi Sugihara’s solid 3 dimensional objects. He developed a computer program that interprets 2D line optical illusion drawings as 3D objects. The results are these amazing “impossible” structures that bring mind-bending to a different level. This year Kokichi Sugihara received second place in the annual illusion of the Year contest with his “Ambiguous cylinders”, which has been blowing the internet’s collective mind for quite a while. Check it out below:

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Delicios Typography Experimentation image

We love sweets. We love typography. Put them together, and our mouths are watering. Franc Navarro and Alberto Martinez, both students from the IED Barcelona Design School, collaborated on this project to explore typographic design with minimal post production and liquids. Their end result – a honey dipped alphabet, made from layers of wood, and honey. The letters were first drafted in Rhinoceros, and developed in 123D Make. Each letter was then laser cut from wooden sheets. Each letter was suspended in the air, and photographed with a generous drizzle of honey.

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