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Adidas, le soulier 3D du concept à la réalité image

En 2015, Adidas avait l’intention d’offrir une vraie possibilité d’avoir un soulier fait sur mesure avec leur prototype Futurecraft trainers. Le concept est maintenant devenue réalité avec l’Adidas 3D Runner. Ce modèle est une version améliorée de son prédécesseur, il a un meilleur fini, est plus durable et plus confortable. La structure “web” du soulier est maintenant plus épaisse. La partie supérieure est maintenant plus respirante. Le soulier est en tout point de vue supérieur à son prédécesseur. [via :] Malheureusement, probablement trop tard pour s’en procurer une…

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Design Trends – 2017 Edition image

With the new year in full swing, we’re keeping an eye out for the latest trends in design for 2017. Digital Arts Online recently released an article sharing their predictions for what 2017 will bring in the design world. Here are just a few things to look out for in the next year: Primary colours: Red, blue, green Packaging: Will focus on the product inside Photography: More candid

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Holiday Party at Kampai Garden image

Between new clients, major projects with existing clients and multiple awards, we’ve had a busy year! In celebration of a very productive and successful 2016, the team at Design Is Yummy ventured out to try something new: Kampai Garden. With the theme of sharing food and experiences, Kampai Garden provided a warm and inviting atmosphere for our team to celebrate. We had a great time trying some new dishes and yummy cocktails, especially the highly anticipated Poké Bowl (or as Gabriela calls it, the Pocke-ball). We’d also like to mention that our signature cocktail was called “The Pikachu” (the Pokemon theme was unintentionally strong folks). The perfect evening to wrap up yet another big year for us. 2017, here we come!

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Let the good times roll video

2016 Holiday Card: Behind the Scenes from Design Is Yummy on Vimeo.

Holidays to us are all about enjoying time with loved ones, eating and taking it easy. We are very excited to share our 2017 holiday card/calendar.  This year our focus was on letting our clients know how thankful we are to be part of their trusted team and how we see it as our role to make their lives easier. For this piece we did what your mother always told you not to do- play with food. Our game: lettering. We handcrafted the poster side phrase “Rolling With Us Is Easy As Pie” from different edible materials (pie dough, sugar, jam and cookies) adding almonds, cranberries and pine to decorate the message: We added a QR code on the front of the poster to ...

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