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Happy 150 Canada! image

Happy Birthday Canada! You are looking mighty fine for 150! Our team is proud to be Canadian and live in a place that encourages freedom of creative expression. We are proud of the Canadian “politeness”. There are never enough “pleases” and “sorries” to fill this world. We are proud of maple syrup and how freakin’ delicious it is. We are proud to live in a multicultural nation with great open-mindness towards people who are different… Our team is a representation of celebrating these differences- our unique cultures coming together makes us a family. We are proud of our great outdoors and the Trans Canada Trail making a link connecting us all. – – – – side note:  If you haven’t ...

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You Are the World’s Greatest Dad image

Dave Engledow is an American photographer and full-time dad from Washington, D.C. His daughter, Alice Bee, is a toddler. Together, they make “The World’s Greatest Dad“, a online blog that features hilarious and endearing photos of Engledow and his daughter in different scenarios and settings. From poking fun at pop culture references (like when Kim Kardashian broke the Internet) to transforming his daughter into absurd objects (like a bat on the wall, or as a step-stool), the images really showcase Engledow’s skills as a photographer and photo manipulator, and most importantly, the genuine bonding they share together. To see his photos in specific, check him out on Fotoblur.  

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COFFIX – A Funky Coffee Shop Like No Other image

We love coffee, we love design, we love pink, and we love yellow… so naturally this coffee shop in Athens, Greece caught our eye. Designed by studiomateriality, this coffee shop is unusual , eye-catching and oh so “instagrammable”. The bright colour palette is accented with fish carpets, face lamps, and a funky laboratory feel. Life is better at full weird speed. [Photos by Alina Lefa]

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Swear Like a Mother image

In case you missed it, Kraft created this great Mother’s Day ad featuring Melissa Mohr, the author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing. Sometimes moms have a potty mouth, and that is perfectly fine with us. A Kraft study revealed that 74% of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids while the other 26% are full of sh*t. Being a parent ain’t easy, and like Kraft, we embrace all those perfectly imperfect moms and mom moments.

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Segal Centre Campaign Launch image

Last night, our team hit up the Segal Centre for Performing Arts to celebrate 10 years of Segal Centre, and 30 years of theatre in one incredible place. The lobby was filled to the brim with proud supporters, theatre goers, the arts community, and famous faces! For the second consecutive year, Design Is Yummy had the privilege of collaborating with the Segal Centre for Performing Arts on their season graphics. With the 2017-2018 theatre season marking its 10 year anniversary, we excitedly took on the 6 upcoming production graphics, program book and celebratory marketing materials. Our goal was simple: make this year’s campaign special, engaging all the while topping our successful award-winning work from last year. (Sounds simple enough, right?) Starting the lineup this ...

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Le Refuge image

This year’s IT thing to photograph and obsessively post on Instagram is Le Refuge, a pink “jungle” bed installation designed by artist Marc Ange at the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition space during Milan Design Week. Over 3,000 posts were uploaded on Instagram referring to it as “magical” and a “fairy tale”. The artist Marc Ange calls it “a place where one finds comfort and peace. It is the projection of a childhood memory. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape.” We can’t resist these giant pink metal leaves and the beautiful shadows it creates. We need one in our ...

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