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Water Transfer Printing video

We are mesmerized by this water printing technique! Hydrographic Printing is a decorating process for 3D objects that uses a water-soluble film containing a printed design. The pattern is printed onto a thin film that is laid out on a tank of water. With the use of an activator, the film dissolves in the water leaving the ink floating perfectly flat on the surface of the water. This floating ink will then stick to the 3D object, transferring the design to it. This printing technique can decorate pretty much anything! Want to try this on a small scale? Do it on your nails using the water marble technique. Click here to learn how!

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Chris Piascik image

Chris Piascik is a graphic designer who had the idea of making a new drawing every single day for 2000 days. The amazing result “accidentally” turned him into an illustrator, and he couldn’t be happier. His illustrations are bold, fun and witty in well-executed patterns and smooth gif animations. Piascik is also big on hand-lettering. A lot of his pieces are inspired by TV shows, political commentaries, and other news related events. His style has attracted great clientele like Nickelodeon, Converse, and Absolute Vodka. Today, Piascik continues to make daily illustrations. Check out a collection of Piascik drawings below and get inspired to work out those art-muscles!  

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