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Today: A New Spectrum of Time image

Today is a 24hr clock designed by , an award winning artist and horologist. This clock uses a 24-hour movement mechanism, allowing it to move at half the speed of a regular clock and making one full rotation every day. The result gives you peace of mind. This feeling was inspired by the wonder of watching clouds passing by at 30,000 ft. and the need to bring it back to the ground where we spend our lives. Today is calm, balanced, and it makes you feel like you have more time; no stress. Time is precious and it should bring more gratefulness than anxiety so lets live it instead of kill it. Learn more about this project here Now if we could only find ...

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The Typeface in-Spector image

Ever wish you had an app similar to Shazam but for fonts? Fellow colleagues and friends, our designer dreams have come true! For her graduating project, designer Fiona O’Leary from the Royal College of Art developed Spector, a small and practical tool that can possibly identify any font and color seen in the real world. The tool is described as easy to use. By pressing the button on top after you’ve placed the tool over a printed surface with your inquired typeface, a photograph is taken and an algorithm runs to identify the typeface, size, kerning/leading, along with the CMYK or RGB values.

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Mind-bending 3D Optical Illusions image

We are very familiar with optical illusion drawings, but 3D ones? We’re mesmerized by Japanese mathematician Kokichi Sugihara’s solid 3 dimensional objects. He developed a computer program that interprets 2D line optical illusion drawings as 3D objects. The results are these amazing “impossible” structures that bring mind-bending to a different level. This year Kokichi Sugihara received second place in the annual illusion of the Year contest with his “Ambiguous cylinders”, which has been blowing the internet’s collective mind for quite a while. Check it out below:

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Our New Portfolios Have Arrived! image

We’re proud to show off our latest brand initiative – our new, custom print portfolios! From the non-standard format to the unique typography we created for each volume, we took custom to a whole new level on this one. Each (hidden) spiral bound book contains pocket folders, giving us the freedom to change up the pieces we include to keep the books current. Our business card folder contains slits for us to insert examples of our favourite cards. We took full advantage of the opportunity to show off some of our favourite client work by turning our portfolio folders into creative works themselves. We can’t wait to show these bad boys off!

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