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Moleskine Smart Writing Set image

Moleskine recently launched a new set of tools simplifying the transfer of files across digital platforms. Say goodbye to having to always scan your sketchbooks to digitize your work. The new Moleskine Smart Writing Set does all the work for you (except your drawings, of course). The set consists of a book and pen that work simultaneously to transfer your work. Each page of the ‘Paper Tablet’ is concealed with NCode™ technology, which enables the pen to digitize your sketches in real-time. The ‘Pen+’ contains a hidden camera within its body, allowing it to read everything the user writes or draws. Check out how it works!  

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Stroll for Kids image

Stroll for Kids is a fundraiser benefiting the Montreal’s Children Hospital. 100% volunteer driven, it is a celebratory walk, including musical entertainment, mascots, arts & crafts, lunch, snacks, amazing giveaways and more! Last year our team helped the Stroll for Kids event by designing the passports children used to collect stamps at various event stations. We are thrilled to be partnering with them again for this year’s event. To join this fantastic fundraiser, learn more here. Fotos by Andy Fidel

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Interactive Troll Mirror by Daniel Rozin video

Artist Daniel Rozin has created numerous mechanical mirrors using trash, wood, pompoms, and more! This one, made with paired pink and blue troll dolls, definitely caught our attention. Every pair of dolls rotates and re-aligns to capture the silhouette of the person standing in front of it. Mechanical mirrors use video cameras, small motors, and computers on board to reproduce a “pixel” version of what’s reflected as the viewer interacts with them. This means that they need an audience to come to life: “The important part of this equation is the person, not the artifact.” Check out all of Daniel Rozin interactive art here

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Rosa Barcelona image

This paper tribute to the Catalan city of Barcelona is super inspiring (not to mention the perfect colour!). Using different shades of pink, the tiny intricate details of these architectural landmarks are artfully crafted in paper by French artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman in their studio of Zim & Zou for Freizenett’s (a sparkling wine) campaign. The dynamic duo at Zim & Zou team specializes in building installations using tangible materials such as paper, wood, thread, and more. Check out more of their work here.    

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Never Stop Playing! image

LEGO® has been inspiring creative minds for decades, so it was only a matter of time before they would be integrated with fashion. Agabag is a brand created by a couple based in Krakow, Poland. They have been making crafty jewelry and accessories with LEGO® bricks since 2009, and the products are pure perfection. The jewelry and handbags are created with monochromatic or multicoloured LEGO® pieces without looking like they were made by a 6 year old. They even up the ante by integrating 24k gold-platted bricks, giving these accessories a high-end fashion twist. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, these are the perfect accessories!

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