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Graphic Means – The Documentary video

A P.S.A to all the print lovers out there – if you haven’t heard of the new documentary Graphic Means, prepare to get excited. Graphic Means is a documentary that explores the technological advancements in graphic design, specifically typesetting, over the past 30 years. The desktop computer revolutionized and shaped the way our industry interacts with type and print. To learn a little more about the documentary, visit the official Graphic Means website. You can also pre-order the film here.

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Learning On the Job with Advice for Life image

The month of March has really brought us so many new project opportunities. We’re happy to show off another first – LEARNING ON THE JOB a fully illustrated and designed book by your friendly group of designers. The book showcases different life careers and the inspiring lessons we can learn from them. Every job has its own personalize illustration mixing simple and intricate designs in a sketch-like style vector art. The combination of visual representations and text helps create an aesthetically pleasing book which intensifies the reader’s reaction and inspires the ideas the client is trying to get across. The final artwork features black, turquoise, and marigold tones; colours that make the pages bright, energetic rich, and fun to look at. Take ...

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