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Livin’ in a Skateboarder’s Paradise image

In the Spanish municipality of Llanera, the Kaos Temple was handed over to artist Okuda San Miguel as a creative project. Given carte blanche on the interior of the old church, San Miguel traded pews for ramps, while bringing low-poly illustrations and vibrant colour to the space! Known internationally as La Iglesia Skate, the colourful church has become a hot spot, attracting tourists and skaters alike from far and beyond.

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MedMobile – App Launch! image

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of the new MedMobile Quebec app! Designed and developed for doctors and medical professionals, MedMobile is the simple and efficient solution to expedite the process of consultations between General Practitioners and Specialists. The app allows doctors to securely share documents and information to make a quick and informed diagnosis. By allowing doctors easier and faster communication, MedMobile is helping to provide patients with more effective care. Are you a physician in Quebec? Click here to download the app.

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Cubii – The Under Desk Elliptical image

If you’re company is anything like ours, you’ll know that it’s hard to stay active during the day when you spend most of your time getting a screen tan. Cubii is here to save us! Co-developped by Arnav Dalmia, Ryota Sekine, and Shivani Jain, Cubii is an under-desk elliptical machine that is accessible, easy to set up and virtually soundless. The compact elliptical sits comfortably under your desk, and can be used while you work to keep your heart rate up throughout the day. Check out the video below to learn more about how you can get your hands on a Cubii!

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