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Bitten Food Conference image

If there’s one thing we love as much as design, it’s food. Food is a multi-sensory experience that has the incredible ability to bring people together. All these elements combined (taste, touch, consuming, interaction, etc.) lead us to wonder where the future of food culture will lead us, and to question our current relationship with food. Will we interact the same way with food in 20 years as we do now? In its second year, the Bitten Food Conference in New York City is dedicated to openly discuss the future of food culture – what it is, what it means, and what it can be. Different from other food conferences, Bitten reveals itself as a creative, technological, trends conference. This year, 20 panelists will share ...

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Pretty Potholes!? image

Imagine all the potholes in Montreal were filled with delicious-looking mosaics – there wouldn’t be much asphalt left to drive on! Mosaich artist Jim Bachor has taken on the project of filling potholes with his fragmented representations of sweets and desserts. Treats in the Streets cleverly contrasts the rough texture/dull colour of the streets, against the smooth, colourful mosaic tiling along the streets of Chicago, and Jyväskylä, Finland. These bright, embedded works are sure to brighten any pedestrian’s day, and even more likely to cause some serious sweet-tooth cravings. We’re hoping Jim Bachor will bring his sweets to the streets of Montreal! We’re thinking a Queue-de-Casteur mosaic would do the trick. BombPop 443-449 North Armour Street, Chicago, IL 60642 April, 2015 Mehujää Satamakatu 8, 40100 ...

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Custom Just Tastes Better image

Mugs hold our daily fuel…coffee/tea/water….pencils… What better way to brighten your day than using your own personalized mug? Custom printed mugs are a cost effective way to promote your business, organization or event! Imagine dozens of people walking around a fundraiser advertising your business. Check out the hot custom mugs we created for our studio with our designers’ nicknames fully loaded with our studio’s brand colours and our “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” attitude. We’ve also got some special mugs for our client meetings that aren’t pictured here- you’ll have to come in to sip from those!

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The Hummingbird Bicycle image

The Hummingbird Bike has made its statement in the world of design as the lightest foldable bicycle in the world. Weighing in at 6.4 kg (more or less the weight of one watermelon), the bicycle’s frame is made of carbon fibre – the main reason for its light weight, and smooth ride (the material absorbs vibrations too!). Designed and built in London by Peter Craciun, the Hummingbird is perfect for on-the-go urban commuters. The bike is easy to fold and stow too – with one swift motion, the rider can quickly tuck away the back tire beneath the bicycle frame and bend the handlebars inwards. Its collapsibility makes for convenient transportation, from automobiles to airplanes. It’s sleek shape and intricate components are obtained using the ...

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