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Introducing the latest in paper technology: IntelliPaper. IntelliPaper uses proprietary technology to embed a USB drive in a thick cardstock. So far it’s been used successfully in direct mailers. The recipient tears off the perforated narrow strip that contains the chip, folds it once, and inserts it any computer’s USB drive. The chip also communicates with any tablet or smartphone. Files can be added or removed as easily as with any other USB drive. There are all kinds of great potential uses for this tech from sample songs on band promo flyers to sending media with a greeting card. In 2013 IntelliPaper is expecting to make available blank programmable media which users will be able to program with their own data.

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Oru Kayak is an ingenious kayak that folds flat. Weighing just 25 pounds, it’s made from a folded polypropylene sheet. Oru creator Anton Willis said that “[the] biggest design challenge was perhaps the most obvious: making a streamlined form out of origami that could also collapse into a box.” After 25 water-tested prototypes, they came up with this robust design that Willis asserts can be folded “almost infinitely” without losing strength. Almost immediately following it’s launch on Kickstarter, the Oru had already topped its $80,000 fundraising goal. The Oru ships early this year and prices start at $800.

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