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Launched in 2002 , POP Montreal is a meaningful and vibrant festival in Montreal’s cultural scene and on the international music circuit. Each year, the five-day festival presents more than 600 artists to audiences of over 50 000. The festival includes symposium discussions, artisan and visual art exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings, and all-night parties. This year’s events take place Sept. 19-23, 2012. Check out their new promo  TV ad: Produced and Directed by Cedric Laurenty Art Direction/Graphic Design: Mike Mason Director of Photography: Simon-Pierre Gingras Motion Design: Rémi Vincent Tactile Design / Props man: Will Vincent Production Assistant: Olivier Mirat Post Production: Cedric Laurenty MUSIC: Grounders – Crown Land

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Design and advertising highlights of the London 2012 Olympics: Before the games, Olympic posters by various artists were unveiled at Tate Britain in London. You can view and buy the posters online. Here are some of my favourites from the collection: [images via] Heatherwick Studio’s beautiful cauldron design by Thomas Heatherwick. Read more about the cauldron here. The 2012 Torch by Barber Osgerby. A quick look at the spectacular opening ceremonies by Danny Boyle with help from Crystal CG (the official digital imaging services supplier of the London 2012 Olympics): What did the critics think of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremonies? Read The Obersver’s reviews.

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