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I met today with a design agency to discuss the potential of working together. All was going smoothly until the creative director asked me to list some design influences. A simple enough question, right? My brain farted and I muttered something along the lines of “usafgsh.” Fuck. If you are ever faced with this question and your noggin’ lets you down….here is a short list of designers and websites that inspire me to help you out. Friends don’t let friends look stupid. Tim Gough, Graphic designer & illustrator [traditional print style] S√©bastien Nikolaou, Greek graphic designer & illustrator [flyer work] Julien de Repentigny, Graphic designer and artistic director [3Deelicious] Zeptonn, Graphic designer, illustrator & art director Jan Willem Wennekes/ Zeptonn ...

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For 36 weeks Brooklyn artists Mac Premo & Duke Riley and Belfast artists Oliver Jeffers & Rory Jeffers collaborated on Book. The sketchbook was sent back and forth traveling over sixty thousand miles between the artists who took turns creating the beautiful pages. The artists created their sketches as a response to the content the previous artist had created. Book is now on display in Belfast at Laganside’s Tunnel Under the Weir.

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My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been full steam ahead with Design Is Yummy business for the past month now that I’m freelancing full time. It’s hectic, but I’m loving it! Enough about me…let’s learn about germs. Flu season is back and this time it brought a friend- H1N1. Hand sanitizer dispensers are popping up all over, but what do you do when a coworker accidentally sneezes all over your keyboard? Introducing an ultra-violet radiation emitting wand you can pass over electronics that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Pass it over contaminated objects for 10 seconds and it eliminates germs. These types of wands are available in various sizes for different uses- from disinfecting electronics to ...

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