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This footage is from Samsung’s latest commercial to promote their LED technology for TVs. Armed with a hell of a lot of smart sheep, LEDS, and careful planning, they took to the hills of Wales to film. The “Baaa-Studs” team consisting of a sheperd, a cameraman, and several sheepdogs are the brains behind the ad. Released only a week ago, it’s already a massive viral hit. It seems that all the geeks, myself included, are blogging about the baaaad ass sheep.

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This product isn’t new on the gadget market, but with everyone switching to Bluetooth devices I figured it was worth mentioning. When I showed my dad my ipod touch a few months back, he said “I would need to sharpen my fingers into points to type on that thing!” A folding Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for those with pudgy fingers or not from the generation of touch screens. It may not be the slickest looking electronic, but it is practical for those on the road typing long emails. This one is the Freedom Universal Keyboard which was released in Oct. 06′ and is compatible with over 200 devices that have Bluetooth connectivity (the ipod not being one of them). You ...

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Back in November I wrote a post entitled “Mac Vs. PC: The Battle Rages On.” Judging by their latest ad for the Storm, Blackberry wants in on the action. Guava NYC, a New York based studio specializing in post-production visual effects and 2D and 3D animation, is responsible for this well-done promo. This ad was brought to my attention by one of my readers who happens to work for Research in Motion. RIM is a Canadian wireless communications company best known for the …..yup, you got it Blackberry. Despite the awesome visuals, the 15 second ad may prove to be a touch optimistic since in a recent survey comparing the iPhone with the BlackBerry Storm Apple beat out RIM. I ...

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